werk5 - Abyaar @ Cityscape 2008

Jason acted as lead programmer on werk5's Abyaar project for Cityscape 2008, Dubai. The cool blue “Ice Tower” takes inspiration from glacial icebergs, and required a brilliant and glimmering surface. Hundreds of tiny white L.E.D.s are precisely wired on a tall, slim, central core, positioned behind laser-engraved translucent blue acrylic panels. The lights in each unit of the skyscraper are controlled interactively via touchscreen, allowing floorpersons to highlight various apartments and amenities. Similar lighting concepts are used for the 40 floors of the brilliant white “Pier 8” skyscraper model, as well as the 18 individual buildings of the 5m x 4m "Art District." A combination of DMX and i2c communication protocols are used to connect the devices to the microcontrollers and computers that drive them.