Apparations documentation video

Apparitions consisted of a physical installation that served as an interface to a computer-generated virtual environment. Gallery visitors were able to move through a virtual medical clinic using a wheel chair as a navigation device. By turning the wheels of the chair, visitors were able to travel down virtual corridors and enter virtual examination rooms and laboratories. By approaching objects in the virtual environment, visitors triggered video sequences. Together, the virtual environment and video used the clinic as an allegory for technologies of representation.

Apparitions, a virtual reality installation by a Vital Signs, was exhibited as part of inSite ’94. Members of Vital Signs were:

Sheldon Brown, project director
Kelly Coyne
Cheryl Devereaux
Jason Ditmars
Brian Duggan
Christa Erickson
Dorota Jakubowski
Andy Mirkis
Tim Nohe
Eric Riel
Mark Tribe
Niklas Vollmer
Payton White