BLoATeR! (w/ the Sea Devils up next) -- Saturday, March 22nd, 2003 at The Pourhouse, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Thanks Jesse for letting us rip the roof off the joint! There's nothing like seeing a big-name band in a small club.

Erin Flynn aka "Irish Princess" aka "The Flynnster" lets it all hang out.

One thing nobody ever said about BLoATeR was that we needed a front-man with character. Check out
mischievous devil-boy-Jr. Dan Thiel holdin' the beat down in the background. "You're COLOSSAL!"

Shannon Hoff made a sterling guest appearance, singing on "Ladder to God" and Duran Duran's "Rio."
Jason Ditmars is showing off his famous "pinching-a-loaf" face, as has been once colorized.

The Princess caught "taking off." Stellar camerawork on all these pics by Salvatore "Sally" Castronovo.

James Banta burning the power chords on "When in Rome." The lyrics "che cazzo fai!" that you hear Erin shouting during the break,
literally translated, means "what dick you make!"... but the Italians basically use it as "What dumbass-shit have you done now?!"

James Banta's testa, Erin Flynn's crotch, Shannon Hoff's nostrils, Jason Ditmars' neck veins, and, if you look
really, really close, between Erin's legs, just above the tom-tom... Dan Thiel's pure, faithful, golden heart!
This was, is, and will always be, our beloved Bloater.