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James Banta
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Erin Flynn
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Dan Thiel
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Jason Ditmars

BLoATER "Live at the PowerStation", 2003

Dug up from the vaults! Internet-only release!
Dan's Warm-up 1:59 download MP3  
Peasant Sheik Live 4:17 download MP3  
G.D.H. Live 4:38 download MP3  
RV Terror Live 5:49 download MP3 view lyrics
Recorded by Jason Ditmars at the PowerStation, Brooklyn, NY, 2003
Mixed like it was made, quick and dirty, in Berlin, 2012

All songs (c) 2003 by Bloater

BLoATER "Moontrip" CD, 2003

Moontrip 2:57 download MP3 view lyrics
Love 4:58 download MP3 view lyrics
Tether 3:39 download MP3  
Juliette 4:57 download MP3 view lyrics
The Choke 3:20 download MP3 view lyrics
Shannon Hoff sings and plays keys on "Tether"
Dan Boer plays keys on "Moontrip" and "Juliette"
Carla Capretto sings the choruses on "Juliette"
Recorded and mixed by Jason Ditmars at the PowerStation, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Arthur Winer at Canaveral Skies Music, Brooklyn, NY
All songs (c) 2003 by Bloater

Grande finale!
Dan Thiel's after-wedding party
John Patrick's in Oakland
Saturday, July 12th, 2003, 10PM
BLoATeR is rockin' CALI!

PowerStation Loft-Blow Out!
175 Powers Street, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday June 21st, 2003, 8PM
w/ the Sea Devils, DJs, and beer...
and um, cops... $5

Finally Fred's
Thursday, June 12th, 11PM, $5 cover
W.12th Street

Kenny's Castaways
Tuesday, April 15th, 10PM, $5 cover

Arlene Grocery
Thursday, April 3rd, 2003, 95 Stanton, L.E.S. N.Y.C., 11pm, $6 door

Saturday, March 22nd, w/ the Sea Devils
at The Pourhouse, Williamsburg, BK

Thursday, February 6th, Arlene Grocery, L.E.S., 11PM
Moontrip release party!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2002 - Kenny's Castaways
157 Bleeker St., Manhatty, $5 door, 9 PM

Friday, October 25th, 2002, Soundz Bar
3155 Broadway (at 123rd Street), New York, NY, $5 door

Thursday, October 10th, 2002, The C-Note
157 Avenue C at 9th Street, East Village, Manhatty, $5 door

Friday, September 20th, 2002, Soundz Bar
3155 Broadway, New York, NY

Tuesday, August 27th, NORTHSIX
66 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thursday, August 8th, 2002 - The C-Note at 9 PM
157 Avenue C $5 door
* we drew 60, most ever for one band at the C-Note! *

Tuesday July 16th, 2002, Kenny's Castaways, at 10 PM

Get Bloater'd II - Friday, June 7th, 2002 - Studio 96 rooftop

Tuesday, March 5th, 2002 - Kenny's Castaways

Saturday, September 15th, 2001, party at the loft, Dan's send-off
@ The PowerStation, 175 Powers St., Brooklyn

Saturday, June 9th, 2001, Get Bloater'ed on Iain and Jesse's roof
96 Chambers Street, Tribeca * click for 2 great shots!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2001, Evan and Rae Kopelson's wedding in Ithaca, NY

Friday, May 11th, 2001, BLoATER returns to headline Baby Jupiter!
170 Orchard Street (corner of Stanton) $5 door BYOB
Friday, April 13th, 2001, Late and SLOPPY!
BLoATER @ A.C.M.E. Underground
12:45am. 9 Great Jones Street $7

Wednesday, April 4th, 2001, Baby Jupiter
(on the little island of Manhattan)
170 Orchard St. 9PM $5 door BYOB

Aug. 19, Nov. 10 & Dec. 8, 2000, Charleston Tavern
Bedford & N7th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 10PM
** No Cover! **

** Bloater MILLENNIUM **
Saturday, December 18th, 1999
@ The PowerStation, Brooklyn, 8:47pm

"first and last"
Saturday, September 26, 1998
@ The PowerStation, Brooklyn, 10PM

The Bloater Story * PART II

Reformation - The years from 1998 onward provided new challenges for the group whose pop rocked. After much meditation while on retreat in India, James came to the conclusion that singing was best left in the hands of anyone but himself. And thus, the search for Bloater's front man/woman was on! The answer came in the form of one Alyson Bardsley or the "Professah" as she came to be known in the rock-n-roll circles of Staten Island. In her iridescent, sequined skirt, Alyson ushered in the reformation of Bloater at the group's only performance of 1999 held at The PowerStation. But in typical Bloater fashion, the guys were to lose yet another lead singer and the dawn of the new millennium came with no one at the mic.

Although the population of indigenous bloaters born in the 1970s had dropped, the band was able to harvest one singer/songwriter, Erin Flynn. A philosophy student by day and mercenary rock star by night, the soon to be Dr. Flynn rode in the wave at Bloater's first "public" performance at The Charleston in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The music was paralleled only by the spectacular lightshow under the command of The Charleston's Artistic Director, Frank.

Revolution - Sadly, the 2000 Bloater season was met with the departure of bassist Evan. A key founding member, principal lyricist, and creative inspiration, Evan had decided to return to his West Coast roots, quit playing music, and straighten out his life. The rest of the Bloaters were not able to shake the monkey off their backs.

With the bass now in Jason's hands, it seemed a new drummer was all that separated Bloater from crossing the bridge first into Manhattan and then into the world! Meanwhile, guitarist/keyboardist Jay Platt was distraught over the departure of Evan and had become increasingly dissatisfied with Bloater's new artistic direction. Since Bloater would never be the hard core polka band that Jay dreamed of, he bought an accordion and went his own way. Once again there was a hole in the heart of Bloater.

Renaissance - Determined to persevere, Erin, James, and Jason recruited not just a drummer, but a keyboard player/vocalist from the line up of SUNY Stony Brook philosophy-rockers. With the versatile skills of Drummer Dan Thiel behind his Pearl kit and the harmonic dimensions of Shannon Hoff's voice and keys, Bloater's quirky, soulful singularity had mutated into a real band.

Dan Thiel, Jason Ditmars, James Banta, Erin Flynn

During this period, a proliferation of songs emerged. Tapping the new sonic breadth of the quintet, the group rearranged such classics as "Ladder to God" and "RV Terror." Defying or confusing all genres (and most music industry) labels, Bloater would let nothing stand in the way of its new sound.

Roof Tops & Rock -n- Roll - The solidity of Bloater took Manhattan by storm. Fans bellowed "BLoATER!" at the group's live performances and the trend to "get Bloated" became the craze below 14th Street. After closing down the former Baby Jupiter, the riotous rockers moved to other venues above and below ground. Perhaps most memorable was one of the roof top parties at Studio 96. Hundreds, if not millions in the surrounding city were unsuspectingly subjected to Bloater atop the Studio 96 Chambers Street loft. Sparing no neighborly concern, Bloater and fellow musical oddity Spoon raged into the night with the stars overhead, the Manhattan skyline as their backdrop, and the police responding to noise complaints.

Rewind & Regroup - Not immune to continuing drama, Bloater was to lose yet another member. Shannon had had all that she could take with the group, or more specifically, with the colossal ego of lead singer Erin. Promising to make it big in Europe, she struck out on her own pursuing her musical destiny in the land of bratwurst and Lederhosen. Bloater would again be four strong. Drummer Dan's unexplained disappearance for several months at the time of Shannon's departure led to rumors of his founding a pioneer chapter of Nouveau Christian Rock. The others hoped and prayed for Dan's return and meanwhile, kept writing songs in New York. Dr. Flynn's rise as a songwriting force took precedence as the band produced such milestones as "Juliette" and "The Choke." Having cheated on Dan with just one (or two) other drummers, James, Erin, and Jason were overjoyed to see Dan's return after French deprogramming. Did the fickle four carry on? You bet.

Reverberation - Who knew that the latest music scene in NYC would have shifted from Manhattan back to Bloater's original venues of Williamsburg? By 2002, Bedford Avenue had become a hipster's paradise but Bloater was ready. The group's latest single, "G.D.H." takes the young, thrift store-clad elite (and themselves) for an entertaining ride. Plans for a video and a "Below the Music" special were delayed only due to the band's latest, upcoming EP release, "Moontrip." If Bloater had been the most talked about band of the last hundred years, it would only be a matter of time before...

James Banta, 2002

Painting by Dan Boer

The Bloater Story * PART I

Every band has a story and every story has a beginning. Our story begins in 1995 at a party in the courtyard of Ramsey Hall, London. After several rounds of Bloody Maries and Bovril Crisps, the party moved inside. By the end of the night, the three men were wearing women's dresses, the woman had an empty closet, and Bloater was born.

The Philadelphia Years - When they returned to Philadelphia, Bloater took their concept, placed it in a Sound Studio on Spruce Street and hooked up with Joe the Producer. The original line-up, James at lead guitar, Evan playing rhythm guitar, Mary on bass and Jay behind the drum kit (and sometimes blowing on a clarinet) recorded several original songs such as "Taste for Plastic", a tantalizing number that defines the kitty pop genre, and instrumentals such as "Voyeur Like Mary" and "Frankorama." They also recorded the one cover Bloater would ever perform: "Sweet Jane."

However, Bloater never fully matured in Philadelphia. They experimented with a fifth member, but after one practice returned to the original four. They promised live shows that never happened. A Bloater Tape was turned off at a party with the question "what is this crap?" The summer of 1996 was the low tide in the Bloater Story. The band produced no new material and seemed to fall apart as its members drifted in and out of drug rehab and Tijuana prisons.

New York New York - In the spring of 1997, three-fourths of Bloater was living in New York and jamming as Bloater UK. By the summer, Brother Andy had joined the group, giving a trained rhythm to the Bloater backbone, and Bloater was a quartet once again. The line-up was changed to Jay on bass, Andy with the sticks, Evan the singer, and James leading the guitars. It was a great summer: Bloater played the Backroom of the Kingsland Tavern in front of Mike and several unsuspecting locals; they wrote the song "RV Terror"; and they found the Bloater sound. Rock with a pop. Pop that rocks.

The Chelsea Sessions - Andy would be in New York only for the summer and after that, Bloater would be back to three. The fall was a period of experimentation. The remaining Bloaters moved from apartment to apartment, rooftop to rooftop. It was during this time that the infamous Chelsea Sessions were recorded. With songs like "Infrastrutture," "Aluminum Foil Terror," and "Gli Piace la Plastica" the band was moving in a new direction. But this was not to last any longer than an Italian ruling government.

Plans were already afoot for Jason to move to New York in the fall of 1997 and become the fourth Bloater. An accomplished guitar and bass player, Jason had heard a Bloater Demo several months prior and was ready to become the drummer. Bloater practiced in Jason's ultra-soundproof (right, Brian?) bedroom in Williamsburg. After an inspired experiment with a casio keyboard on dying batteries, Jay became the keyboardist. Evan picked up the four string and James took up the singing chores in addition to his guitar playing. This was Bloater.

thumb_B2.jpg 7.2K
BLOATER Millennium
Dec, 1999 @ the PowerStation
thumb_B3.jpg 7.1K
Allison singing RV Terror!
thumb_B8.19b.jpg 8.1K
"She's got a taste,,,"
thumb_B8.19c.jpg 8.2K
thumb_B8.19a.jpg 8.7K
Left to right:
Evan, James, Jason, Jay, Erin

The Show - After a year of jamming, Bloater played their first and last performance at The PowerStation. Joined by Crystal Glover, who had become Bloater's lead vocalist a month before, the five-piece played a four-song set: "When in Rome," a re-worked version of "Voyeur Like Mary"; "Ladder to God," word association written at the Kellogg Diner; "Taste for Plastic," sung by James as only James can sing it; and "RV Terror," accompanied by the sound and light spectacle of the Ditmars Gallery. And on that night, Bloater became the most talked about band of the century, if they were not already.

Evan Kopelson, 1998

BLoATER "80% Other Fish" CD, 2001

Jantar Mantar 5:33 download MP3 view lyrics
Boy Meets Girl 2:02 download MP3 view lyrics
When in Rome 2:56 download MP3 view lyrics
Ladder to God 4:33   view lyrics
Sofa Soufflé 5:48   view lyrics
Bluesy 3:25 download MP3 view lyrics
A Taste for Plastic 2:24   view lyrics
Free Fake Willy 3:56    
RV Terror 4:15   view lyrics
Use Me Live @ Baby Jupiter 6:14    
Campground Swingers 2:41   view lyrics

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