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Born in Los Angeles on April 24, 1971, Jason Ditmars has exhibited internationally since 1990. Using electronic technologies to bring interactivity to his sculptures, Ditmars focuses on the interface between the body and the machine, inviting you to engage both physically and intellectually with his objects. Sometimes crass and sparkly, sometimes elegantly functional, the installations create new and fantastic spaces. Jason has an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA from UC San Diego, and is now living and working in Berlin, Germany.


Der am 24. April 1971 in Los Angeles, CA (USA) geborene Jason Ditmars stellt weltweit seit 1990 aus. Seinen Master of Fine Arts machte er 1997 an der School of the Art Institute of Chicago, seinen Bachelor of Arts: Visual Arts (Studio) 1993 an der University of California in San Diego. Darüber hinaus besuchte Ditmars das Pembroke College in Cambridge, England sowie das Studio Art Centers International in Florenz, Italien, über das er die Meisterwerke Michelangelos im Salle de Dessin im Louvre-Museum, Paris, studierte.

Zu seinen beruflichen Erfahrungen gehören fast ausschließlich Tätigkeiten, die sich mit dem Zusammenwirken von Kunst und Technik auseinandersetzten. So arbeitete er unter anderem als Labortechniker für elektronische Einrichtungen am The School of Art Institute Chicago, als freier Bauunternehmer zur Realisierung anderer künstlerischer Installationen, Ausstellungen und Performances und auch als Setdesigner und konstrukteur am Redmoon Theater, Chicago. Spezialisiert auf computergesteuerte interaktive Installationen, gibt Jason Ditmars seit 1993 Unterricht und hält Vorlesungen zum Zusammenwirken von Technik und Kunst und in Grundlagen der Elektronik. Derzeit ist er als Dozent an der School of Visual Arts in New York City tätig.



Chicago, Illinois
Master of Fine Arts


Graduate Advisors:

Jerry Saltz (Critic)
Chris Bratton (Video)
Werner Herterich (Performance)
Michael Myers (Performance)

Barbara DeGenevieve (Photography)
Shawn Decker (Art and Technology)
Vanalyn Greene (Video)
Steve Waldeck (Art and Technology)


La Jolla, California
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Advisors: Alan Kaprow, Sally Ride, Kip Fulbeck, Italo Scanga, Patricia Patterson, Sheldon Brown


Cambridge, England

Studied master drawings at British Museum & Fitzwilliam Museum


Florence, Italy

Studied master drawings at Gabinetto dei Disegni degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy
Studied Michelangelo drawings at Salle de Dessin, Musée Louvre, Paris, France


Time Going Backwards & Neon “B”
Former headquarters of the East German state news agency ADN (Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst),

Feb. 15, 2012

The Head, Tape Club, Heidestrasse 14, Berlin

Oct.7, 2011-
Feb.17, 2012

Venus Pinball @ Tape Modern #19, Tape Club, Heidestrasse 14, Berlin
Curated by Amir Fattal

Jan. 14, 2011

“Simultan” – Kunst und Schach,  Galerie Alte Brennerei, K.v. Ebersberg, DE
Curated by Hannelore Sahm & Georg Schweiger

July 10-31, 2005

Fakespace, HERE Gallery, 145 6th Ave., New York, NY

Jan. 20-Feb. 17, 2001

JASON DITMARS: TheTerrible-Tempered Mr. Bang!
Butler Institute of American Art, 524 Wick Ave., Youngstown, OH
Curated by Lou Zona

Mar. 19-July 30, 2000

ART2D2 Bathroom Installation, HERE Gallery, 145 6th Ave., New York, NY

Dec. 4-Jan. 8, 2000

Exhibition 1998, Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, AZ

Mar. 26-May 22, 1998

“Eat More…” Locker Installation, Gallery 2, 847 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL

Apr. 10-May 9, 1998

“Fantasy” @ Emulsion, Gallery B-12, 1645 N. Ivar, Hollywood, CA

Oct. 17-Nov. 16, 1997

Some Young Fun, Richard Heller Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Sep. 6-Oct. 4, 1997

Inter-penetration, NIU Art Museum Gallery in Chicago
215 W. Superior, Chicago, IL
Curated by Marjorie Franklin

Sep. 5-Oct. 4, 1997

Re:Degenerate, Century Building, 202 S. State Street, Chicago, IL
Curated by Jason Ditmars & Jennifer Reeder

Sep. 22-27, 1997

Hybrid, Gallery 2, 847 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL
Curated by Annette Barbier, Paul Brenner, Simon Anderson

Sep. 5-Oct. 14, 1997

BANG (Venus), School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Apr. 5-19, 1997

Virtual Wheelchair @ ARS Electronica 1996
Hauptstrasse 2, Linz, Austria

Aug. 7-14, 1996

Cityspace & the Wheelchair Ramp Interface @ Supercompting '95
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Dec. 3-9, 1995

Virtual Wheelchair: A Change in Perspective
San Diego Supercomputer Center, La Jolla, CA

Sep. 9, 1995-1998

Siggraph '95 Art Gallery, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
Curated by Ken O'Connell

Aug. 6-11, 1995

Siggraph '95 Interactive Communities
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
Curated by Coco Conn

Aug. 6-11, 1995

InSITE '94: Apparitions, University Art Gallery, UC San Diego, CA
A Bi-National Exhibition of Site-Specific Installation Art

Sep. 23-Oct. 30, 1994

Jason Ditmars & Ronen Mintz: Computer Controlled Sculptures
Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Nov. 16-19, 1993

Jason Ditmars & Ronen Mintz: Drawings & Sculptures from Italy
Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Feb. 16-19, 1993

8 Large Drawings, Roma Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Jan. 14-28, 1993

3 Drawings and 3 Sculptures, Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy

Apr. 18-25, 1992

Italia - U.S.A.: Passion per l'Arte, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy
Curated by the Comune di Firenze

Mar. 20-Apr. 4, 1992

Art-Making Machine, Price Center Plaza, UC San Diego, CA

May 17-23, 1991


Founder/Owner of Ditmars Custom Signs
Custom microcontroller design, construction, and implementation for artists
Aluminum, vinyl, & neon sign creation and installation
Director of Technology, interactive scape GmbH, Berlin
Project Management, Elektronic Design & Contruction, Concept & Research
Facilities Management, Materials Ordering, CAD/CAM Design & Production
Microcontroller Programming & System Design, on-site Installation, Paris
Apr. 2009-
Dec. 2009
Elektronic Design for Architectural Models, werk5 GmbH, Berlin
Electronic Design & Construction, Programming, on-site Installation, Dubai, New York
Aug. 2008-
Mar. 2009
Instructor at Universität der Künste (UdK), Berlin
Taught workshops on Arduino Microcontrollers for Interactive Installations
May-Oct. 2008
Instructor at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (KHB), Berlin
Teaching electronics design & construction classes in the Product Design Department
Faculty at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York
Designed course curriculum and syllabi
Taught graduate and undergraduate classes in Art History, Electronics, & Computer Art
Advised students on thesis projects, Maintained electronics facilities
Lab Technician: Electronics Facilities at SAIC, Chicago
Authorized students on MIG welder, mill, lathe, chopsaw, bandsaws, tapsets,
Circuit board etching, drills, grinders, maintained facilities
Artist’s Assistant to electronic artist Sheldon Brown, UCDS, San Diego 1993-1994


Computer Software:
C Programming for Microcontrollers (Arduino & PIC Families)
EAGLE 5.4 (CAD program for circuit design and production)
Rhino 4.0 (CAD/CAM design for laser and milling machines)
Adobe Graphic Design suite CS4 (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, InDesign, Dreamweaver)
Microsoft/Open Office word processing and spreadsheets (Word/Writer, Excel/Calc)
Inspiration 8 IE (block diagrams and flow charts)
Point Grey FlyCap2 firewire camera capture & image manipulation
Invision Power Board v2.1.7 (web publishing & administration, portal newsposts & graphics)
Electronics & Hardware:
Custom circuit board design & fabrication; layout, lighting, etching, milling, stuffing, soldering
Laser (Trotec) & milling (Isel CAM) machine operation
PC Computer system & devices – building, installation & maintenance
Infra-Red Lighting, LED lighting, CCFL fluorescent lighting, neon lighting – installation & maintenance
Construction work for Interiors:
Walls, doors, windows, mouldings, painting, electricity, lighting, plumbing
Metal shop:
Welding, cutting (table saw, miter saw, vertical bandsaw), planing, drilling, mill & lathe, grinding & filing
Bronze & aluminum traditional lost-wax casting, steel sand casting, patinas
Molds and casting:
Plastic, rubber & plaster mold-making, fiberglass casting, plastic vacuum forming
Design & layout, plotter/cutter software & hardware operation, vinyl weeding, vinyl application
Digital recording, engineering, mastering, CD production
English (fluent), German (proficient), Italian (novice)


"Festschrift 40 Jahre Schachunion Ebersberg-Grafing", edited by Georg Schweiger Jul., 2005
"Moon Trip", by Bloater Feb., 2003
"80% Other Fish", by Bloater Mar., 2001
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ARS Electronica 1996 Proceedings Catalog Sep., 1996
“Cerberus Bites” by DOG FACE (Jason Ditmars & Tadd Fernée) Aug., 1996
Chicago Tribune, “Science shaping art” Apr. 21, 1996
London Sunday Times, “Safer virtual reality” Mar. 17, 1996
Gather/Scatter, “SDSC Vislab supports higher end needs” Dec., 1995
IEEE’s Parallel & Distributed Technology Vol.3, No.4, “Virtual wheelchair” Winter, 1995
Leonardo On-Line, Vol.3, No.9, “Siggraph ‘95 Art Gallery review” by A.Bureaud Sept., 1995
VISUAL PROCEEDINGS: Art and Interdisciplinary Programs of Siggraph ‘95 Aug., 1995
Siggraph ‘95 Multimedia CD-ROM Aug., 1995
San Diego Supercomputer Center Image of the Week Aug., 1995
San Diego Union Tribune, “La Jolla’s InSITE works multifaceted” Oct. 4, 1994
Apparitions Program Sep., 1994
InSITE ‘94 Catalog & Review Sep., 1994
Los Angeles Times CALENDAR, “Janos Negyesy still bucking the party line” Nov. 7, 1990


Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Mangold
werk5 GmbH & interactive scape GmbH
Köpenicker Straße 48/49, 10179 Berlin
Tel  +49 (0)30-69 80 94-1
Dipl. Ing. Hauke Helmer
werk5 GmbH & interactive scape GmbH
Köpenicker Straße 48/49, 10179 Berlin
Tel  +49 (0)30-69 80 94-1
Hartmut Ginnow
Professor, Design Department
Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee
Bühringstraße 20, 13086 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 477 050
Lou Zona
Director & Curator
Butler Institute of American Art
524 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44502
Tel: +1 330-743-1711
Bruce Wands
Chair, MFA Computer Art Department
School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
Tel: +1 212-592-2532
John MacIntosh
Chair, BFA Computer Art Department
School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
Phone: +1 212-592-2598