Introduction to Interactivity with the Arduino microprocessor

Prof: Jason Ditmars

Announcement: April 25th, 2008

The KHB Design Department will be sponsoring another Physical Computing Course that will introduce students to the Arduino microprocessor platine. With this small stand-alone computer, we can create kintetic models, or an interactive installation or device that monitors sensor input (buttons, knobs, light & temperature measurers) and drives outputs (lights, motors, speakers, etc.). Students from all disciplines are welcome! Sculptors, Designers, Installation Artists, Video & Filmmakers, and Photographers can add the captivating element of interactivity or scripted control to their work.

The Course starts on Monday, May 5th, 2008 and will take place on every following Monday, from 13:30-16:30h.

You will need to purchase an Arduino Diecimila board (26,20) from Segor Electronics in Charlottenberg. Don't forget the USB Cable (Standard A-B)! Segor location & phone details here:

There are a few other tools that each student should have:

1. Breadboard, with at least two sets of power & ground (red & blue) channels
2. Wire Strippers
3. Small, pointy-nosed electronics Wire Cutters
4. Small, pointy-nosed electronics Pliers
5. A Soldering Iron with a small, pointy tip for electronics, at least 30W (40W+ best)

Here are pictures, so you don't buy the wrong stuff: