The History of Art and Technology: Spring 2002 Syllabus

The Bride & the Bachelors: Five Masters of the Avant Garde
by Calvin Tomkins (Viking Press, 1968)
The Language of New Media, by Lev Manovich (MIT Press, 2000)
plus hand-outs


3 Papers:
1.  Gallery review (1-3 pages)
2.  Contemporary artist or movement (3-5 pages)
3.  Historical artist or movement (3-5 pages)
Quizzes on Readings, Attendance & Participation

Attendance policy: 3 lates = 1 absence, 3 absences = failure

1. Introduction - Course Overview
The Renaissance
The 20th Century
Art and Technology Now

* Manovich, Lev, The mapping of space: perspective, radar, and computer graphics from Siggraph ’93 visual proceedings (ACM Siggraph, 1993)

 2. Digital Space, the Web, and Virtual Reality

Animation: Christopher Landreth, The End, Bingo
VR: Evans and Sutherland, Jeffrey Shaw (ZKM), Perry Hoberman, Fakespace
Art&Tech Shows: Siggraph Art Gallery, ISEA, ARS Electronica
Brian Springer’s “Spin”

* Critical Art Ensemble, The coming of age of the flesh machine, Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)
* Zizek, Slavoj, From virtual reality to the virtualization of reality from Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)
* Ascott, Roy, Photography at the interface from Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)
* Mitchell, J. William, The reconfigured eye: visual truth in the post-photographic era (MIT Press, 1992) 

3. The New Breed (1990’s)

Gregory Green, Tony Oursler, Roxy Paine, Tom Sachs, Alan Rath, Julia Scher, Jason Rhodes, Keith Edmier, Fabrizzio Plessi, Myron Krueger, Jenny Holzer, Kodai Nakahara, Charles Ray, Jeremy Blake

Douglas Trumbull’s Brainstorm

* Kipnis, Laura, Bound and gagged: the politics of fantasy in America (Grove Press, 1996)
* Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, Constituents of a theory of the media, Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)

4. Gallery visits & screenings

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 4 @ Barbara Gladstone
Pipilotti Rist @ Luhring Augustine
## Write 1st Paper - Gallery review ##

5. Sex and Technology: The Politics of Fantasy

## 1st Paper (Gallery review) DUE ##
Paul McCarthy, Bob Gober, Pipilotti Rist, Matthew Barney, Jeff Koons
David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, Dead Ringers

* Stone, A. Rosanne, The war of desire and technology at the close of the mechanical age (MIT, 1995)

6. The SF & California Scene (late 80’s-early 90’s)

Survival Research Laboratories - Mark Pauline
Bureau of Inverse Technology’s Suicide Box - Natalie Jeremijenko
Barry Schwarz, Bob Flanagan

* Tamblyn, Christine, Boy’s club, craft hut, carnival or cyberspace? (High Performance, Summer 1993)
* Pauline, Mark, Technology and the Irrational in Theories and documents of contemporary art (U. of California Press, 1996)

7. Perform and Install: The 80’s

Bruce Nauman
Laurie Anderson
Chris Burden, Jonathon Barofsky, Edward & Nancy Keinholz, Hans Haake, Keith Sonnier, Alice Aycock, Richard Serra, Dennis Oppenheim, Vito Acconci
Sound Art

* Virilio, Paul, War and cinema (Verso, 1989)
* Berger, John, Ways of seeing (BBC, 1980)
* Simon, Joan, Bruce Nauman: The matter in hand (Tate, Summer 1998)

8. The Apparatus of Vision (1980’s)

Film - Peeping Tom, Blade Runner, Terminator
Lynn Hershman
Paul Virilio

* Foucault, ‘Panopticism’, Discipline and punish: the birth of the prison (Penguin, 1977)
* Manovich, Lev, The automation of sight: from photography to computer vision, Electronic Culture (Aperture,1996)
* Hershman, Lynn, Art-ificial Sub-versions and the new reality (Camerawork, Spring/Summer 1993)

## Write 2nd paper - Contemporary artist or movement ## 

9. Fluxus and Video Art (1960’s-90’s)

Nam June Paik
William Wegman, Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Sadie Benning
Personal computer becomes available 1975

* Tomkins, Calvin, ‘Rauschenburg’, The bride & the bachelors (Viking Press, 1968)
* Antin, David, Video: the distinctive features of the medium from Video art (Raindance, 1976)
* London, Barbara, Time as medium: five artists’ video installations (Leonardo,vol.28,no.5,1995)
* Huffman, Kathy Ray, Video, Networks, and Architecture: Some physical realities of electronic space from Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)
* Kurtz, Bruce D., Video, Film, and Performance Art from Contemporary Art 1965-1990

10. Kinetic Art (1960’s-70’s)

## 2nd paper (Contemporary artist or movement) DUE ##

Robert Rauschenburg & Billy Kluver, E.A.T.
Bell Labs - Ken Knowlton
Alexander Calder, Takis, George Rickey, Nicolas Schoffer
Computer chip invented 1959

* Benjamin, Walter, The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction (Schoken, 1969)
* Kluver, Billy, Artists, Engineers, and Collaboration from Culture on the brink (Bay Press, 1994)
* Melina, Frank, Kinetic art: theory and practice. Selections from the journal Leonardo (Dover, 1974)
* Benthall, Jonathan, Science and technology in art today (Praeger, 1972)

11. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1960’s)
Walter Benjamin
Andy Warhol
Robert Smithson, James Turrell, Christo

* Tomkins, Calvin, ‘Tinguely’, The bride & the bachelors: five masters of the avant garde (Viking Press, 1968)
* Nichols, Bill, The work of culture in the age of cybernetic systems in Electronic culture (Aperture, 1996)
* Jones, Caroline A., The machine in the studio (U. of Chicago Press, 1996)

 12. Jean Tinguely & Happenings (1950’s-60’s)

Homage to New York
Niki de Saint-Phalle, Yves Klein, Alan Kaprow
Painting machines & other automatons, Harold Cohen
Commercial television begins 1940s, Invention of the transistor 1948

* Hulten, Pontus, Jean Tinguely: a magic stronger than death (Abbeville Press, 1988)
* Tinguely, Jean, Untitled Statement from Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art  (UC Press, 1996)

## Write 3rd paper - Historical artist or movement ## 

13. Futurists, Constuctivists, Bauhaus & Mr. Fuller (1910’s-1940’s)

Filippo Marinetti Manifesto of futurist dance
Umberto Boccioni Unique forms of continuity in space
Vladimir Tatlin, Alexander Rodchenko, Lyubov Popova, Naum Gabo,
Walter Gropius, Laszlo Maholy-Nagy
Buckminster Fuller

* Tomkins, Calvin, ‘Duchamp’, The bride & the bachelors (Viking Press, 1968)
* Lodder, Christina, Russian constructivism (Yale University Press, 1983)
* Sharp, Dennis, Bauhaus, Dessau: Walter Gropius (Phaidon, 1993)
* Vesna, Victoria, Bucky Beat (Artbyte, Aug-Sept. 1998) 

14. Duchamp & Dada (1900’s-1960’s)

## 3rd paper (Historical artist or movement) DUE ##
Surrealist Film - Georges Méliès A Trip to the Moon
Marcel Duchamp
Man Ray, Thomas Edison
First Trans-Atlantic radio signal 1901, Wright Brothers 1903

* Tomkins, Calvin, Duchamp: A Biography (Owl Press, 1998)
* Duve, Thierry de., Kant after Duchamp (MIT Press, 1996)

15. Renaissance (1400’s)

Fillipo Brunelleschi - Perspective experiment
Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) On Painting
Piero della Francesca (1416?-1492)
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
The Golden Section
animation: John Clyne, The Visible Human Project

* Vezzosi, Alessadro, Leonardo da Vinci: the mind of the renaissance (Harry Abrams, 1997)
* Veltman, Kim H., Linear perspective & the visual dimensions of science & art (Deutscher Kunstverkag, 1986)
* Dibner, Bern, Leonardo the inventor (McGraw-Hill, 1980)
* Pope-Hennessy, Sir John Wyndham, The Piero della Francesca trail (Thames and Hudson, 1991)
* Lawlor, Robert, The measure of difference from Sacred geometry (Crossroad Publishing, 1982)
* Fitzgerald, Astrid, Harmony by design (Parabola, 1996)